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Delphi Community costs

· One min read

Delphi Community is a hobby project of mine. For transparency, i will share the costs that i have paid to this date.

Current costs

Logofrom Fiverr25,76€
Domain12,00 € (first year) 24,00€ (following years)12,00€
ChatGPTcurrent limit is 2€/month1€

There were two other logo approaches that i haven't included in the calculation above, each costing 24.78€, totaling 49.56€. Our team has decided not to use these logos, so we are sticking with our old one (the bear).

Our Discord bot runs on my private server using Docker, which i also haven't included in this calculation.

Additionally, i have not included the countless hours that i have invested in this project, which includes programming bots, administering our Discord server, creating the homepage, ... in this calculation either 😉

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